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NFN is more than just a food ministry.  We also reach out to local house fire victims, We perform various cleaning/building projects and repairs for the needy when funds and volunteers are available

You can help this ministry in several different ways.  A lot of people think that just because we are a partner agency with MANNA Foodbank that we get our food for free, but that is not the case.  Yes, they do offer free items, but those items are very limited, and we still have to pay shipping for them.  When you distribute as much food as we do, it takes 3-4 trucks every month.  These trucks average around $500 each, so that is why your monetary donations are very important to this ministry.  Like Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 9:37, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few".  We are in constant need of volunteers to help compile and distribute food and other resources to those in need in the community.   If you would like to help as a volunteer, please hit the "Contact Us" button below.  We are in need of food, clothing, monetary and other donations.  If you do nothing else, please pray for the ministry workers and the lives we come into contact with.  Pray that we can show them the love of Jesus.  Also pray that together we can help get them get on the right path and that they will give their life to Jesus Christ.  Lastly, please tell others about this ministry and what we are doing for the community so that we can gain additional support to continue helping those in need. 

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